Water Dragon Feng Shui is a specialized series of techniques consisting of multiple calculations based on your home, and the garden's location relative to the home. Water Dragons (streams of water flow) were originally calculated to help the Emporers and the wealthy in China retain and build upon their wealth. They have certainly shown to have done that over thousands of years.

Water has always represented money flow and good luck in Feng Shui philosophy. The more water flow you have around your home and inside your home, office, or entire development, the more abundance is enhanced to flow through the financial life of your home or business.

We can calculate very specific locations inside and outside of your buildings to locate and place various designs of water features. These formulas are very case-specific and using our architectural and interior design experience, we can beautifully integrate waterfalls, streams, ponds, fountains, aquariums, and waterfountains into your exterior and interior environments.

We have a battery of very skilled and experienced design and construction professionals ready to assist you with implementing your dream environments

Here are some example photos of actual water features that qualify as excellent Water Dragon features...

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