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  • Real Estate Investing?  Our goal is to give you the extra edge you need to reduce your risk while increasing your profits by choosing the right properties.
  • Buying or renting a new home or office?  We’ll help you select the best choice out of your selection of possible buildings you’re considering and ensure you don’t end up with an “unlucky” one.
  • Home Staging:  If you are selling your home, let us stage it using your decor and the best feng shui principles. This increases attraction, comfort, a sense of extra space and value, and ensures a quick & solid sale, even with a higher sales price! We will enhance your home’s attractive features, and deemphasize it’s flaws.
  • Enhance the energy of your current home or office.   We look for energy leaks or blockages; specify the best color scheme for all of the magnetic sectors of each floor; specify your best bed sleeping directions and desk locations for everyone in the family; recommend any landscaping features your home needs for its balance, harmony and wealth; show you how to apply and really use effectively the Bagua overlaid on your floor plans (i.e., “wealth corner", "marriage area”, "career area", etc.);  we discuss exterior painting colors if you’re painting soon;  help you move furniture into the correct places;  we’ll also answer any questions you’ve been confused about.  All of the discussions are recorded for your review whenever you want to re-listen again, ensuring you don’t loose any of the valuable information that we discuss with you.
  • Designing and building a new home?  Let us help you design a lucky home right from the start by specifying the correct orientation, color scheme of finishes and furnishings, best sleeping directions and desk locations for everyone, and select the most auspicious door and stove locations for greatest prosperity and health.  On large land parcels we can also help select the best site for the home.
  • Space Clearing and Ceremonies.  Do you have some strange energy in your home?  You might be experiencing some old Predecessor Energy or other uncomfortable feelings that need to be cleared out.  Some people never really feel at home until they experience a beautiful home bonding ceremony.
  • Land Energy Clearing.  If you have land that is not selling or, you’re going to build and want to clear land of geopathic stress zones or other detrimental land chi, we can help you clear it out, enabling a smooth sale or an enjoyable clear building experience. 
  • Reviving your Landscaping?  We can help you add that extra pizzazz to your curb appeal by adding a feng shui rock garden, water feature or water dragon (a stream specifically calculated and located) that helps attract wealth!


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