The garage is the final frontier in our homes to become ‘civilized.’ Your Garagenous Zone: Innovative Ideas for the Garage by my friend, Bill West, is the groundbreaking book that raises awareness and elevates the status of the garage into space that is clean, functional, and organized. And it is the only book that outlines a strategy for homeowners who desire to get more use from their garage than living with a storage unit attached to the home.

This 183-page book is brilliantly illustrated with over 160 full-color photos, illustrations, and diagrams to stimulate the imagination. You will discover that Your Garagenous Zone will serve as a source of inspiration and a resource for innovation in your garage.

And, as an extra bonus, one chapter introduces you to the ancient Asian art and science of feng shui. Feng Shui For The Garage: Practical applications for everyday living gives you tips that will prompt you to decorate and organize your garage with mindfulness. What do you think about as you drive into your garage? What you see as you enter your transition from the outer busy world to your private inner world of your home, can influence your intentions for your day, and your life. Contributed by nationally known senior feng shui educator and consultant, Gary Hendrickson, Assoc. AIA, this is the first substantial work in print integrating feng shui into the garage. Get it now and get organized!


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