"Maximizing Productivity & Profitability,
  Feng Shui for Business in Lean Times"

Energetic solutions to improve management & employee efficiency, health/attendance record, and harmony. Discover office organization and energy enhancement tips to extract the most productivity from your business.

"The Magic of Feng Shui
  Tips for Home and Office"

Explore the mystery surrounding this popular ancient Asian art and science of creating a harmonious environment with simple techniques to invite the magic into your home or office. 

 "Feng Shui Symbology all around you,
   Finding Meaning in Your Environment"

What does your artwork, sculptures, décor say about you and your life? Your environment abounds with symbols representing your subconscious intentions. Does it support your vision of your world? Learn to empower your home or office with your goals and world-views for yourself."

 "Honoring the Sacred, Honoring Your Life with Feng Shui,
  Exploring Ceremony, Ritual, Cures and Physics"  

Our lives are precious gifts filled with beauty, opportunity and joy. Expressing our gratitude, intentions and joy can be expanded and empowered in our lives by ceremony and ritual. Explore the potential of your life and create ceremonies meaningful to you that launch that potential. Learn how science, cures and ritual are complementary to each other through feng shui.

"Fast Formidable Feng Shui,
  Quick Concepts to Change Your Life"

Cut to the chase with these powerful techniques to make a major shift in your luck, harmony and health.  Chock full with examples of easy things you can do to shift your chi, and get on track with your goals, and your life! 

Note:  All Lectures average 45 minutes to 1 Hour, and can be flexible to fit any schedule. Lecture titles also can be easily expanded with much more detail into 2 hour to 4 hour workshops if desired.  Please see our "Classes" description pages of this website for further course details

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