Our goal is the creation of a project which is efficient, healthy and inspiring to the owner at a cost which is reasonable to all parties involved.

New Construction

Using Feng Shui in the Design
and Development Process

  • Preliminary design: This includes program creation, schematic design sketches, finished presentation-format preliminary drawing, and all meetings leading to the completion of a finished owner-approved preliminary design presentation.
          Sante Fe client Development Project
  • Construction documents: Drawn with CAD for clarity, accuracy, ease in revisions, and speed in production, drawings are top quality and are taken to the end result of obtaining a building permit by the contractor. This would include interfacing between any required additional engineering consultants, but, would not include fees for their services.

  • Feng Shui Energy efficient, nontoxic design & Sacred Geometry are incorporated into the design on a negotiated basis, often as part of the overall design package. "Green" and nontoxic building materials selection, specification and application including all maintenance and cleaning substances.
    • Scientific, economical and sociological analyses have provided enough evidence to warrant serious concern about various building materials throughout their full life cycle, from creation through installation to termination and ultimate disposal of the material.
    • Some materials wreak environmental and economical havoc upon the local climate as a result of their harvesting, while others actually cause health hazards to the workers who extract and develop the material either in its creation or application. Toxic waste byproducts are created in many materials extraction or refinement processes. Another important consideration is the fact that the energy it takes to create a material through its entire life cycle of production and installation often dramatically exceeds any savings the product or material may produce!
    • Sacred geometry, and ancient art and science, is the practice of proportioning spaces according to geometry that is found throughout nature. These patterns found in natural form are the results of the energy flows, and how miraculously exquisite these geometric patterns are! Consider the ramifications of surrounding oneself with these naturally occurring patterns sculpted into one's environment!
    • The ancient Chinese art of feng shui is the study of energy movement. This electromagnetic energy that flows around, over and through the earth is called telluric energy and is analogous to the same energy that flows around, over and through their own physical bodies, known to acupuncturists as meridian lines. This energy is mysterious only to the uninitiated. It can be studied and worked with. Negative energy lines can be dispersed while positive energy lines are incorporated into ones environment consciously to improve one's health, happiness, prosperity and general well-being.

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