For thousands of years, the Chinese have known how to live their lives in harmony with the natural elements, cycles and energies of the earth. They learned how to create healthy, wealthy, peaceful life experiences, how to develop harmonious relationships by working with their environment, and how to choose auspicious timing of important events. They knew that the quality of their surroundings directly influenced the quality of their lives. Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) literally means wind & water, and is the ancient Chinese art of placement, also sometimes known as geomancy. Learn the ancient secrets to help you to work with the natural energies of the earth.

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"Introduction to Feng Shui"
(3 hours)
Learn the basic principles of why feng shui works, and how this ancient science can help you to increase your effectiveness and efficiency in your work and increase your income, discover your lucky direction, find which partners would be most compatible with you, enjoy more harmony in your relations with family, friends and business associates, and improve your sleep.

In the second half of the course you will learn to determine favorable building areas for you based on compass orientations of your home or office. Bring floor plans of your home, apartment or business to class for analysis, and know what direction the front of your home faces. This course utilizes knowledge from the East/West or 8 Mansions or Pa Chai and Black Sect schools of feng shui, integrating them together along with principles of Chi flow. The tools you learn in this course can be taken to your home or workplace and be put to immediate use increasing the quality of your life. 

"Jump Start Your Life"
(with the Feng Shui Bagua)
(3 hours)
Learn to use the feng shui technique of the Bagua in your home or office to create your own personal road map for enhancing the spiritual and material qualities of life and business. You'll be given simple but effective visualization and affirmation strategies you can use immediately to achieve a quick and powerful boost in your life by using your home or office floor plans as a touchstone!
"Intro to Form School Feng Shui"
(3 hours)
The natural laws of the earth, which make up the foundation of feng shui knowledge are explored in this course. Learn about the different forms of mountains, wind and water courses, land chi, dragon lines and more. You'll discover how to recognize these patterns in nature as well as in today's urban environments, and interior spaces. Now you can position yourself in more helpful and harmonious settings to understand and enhance your own personal chi and enjoyment of life.
"Intro to 9 Star Ki Feng Shui"
(3 hours)

One of the many Compass School techniques, 9 Star Ki is a systemoriginated in China, popularized in Japan and used for many different purposes. Sometimes known as 9 Ki Astrology, we will explore some of the aspects used to determine where and when traveling plans would be most beneficial or harmful to each individual. We will also study how carefully planning a move can be very beneficial if the direction and timing of the move is considered beforehand to optimize your good luck for the move, or how ignoring this information can be a detrimental experience.

"Weaving the Web - Integrating Classical & Western Feng Shui"
(16 hours )

Pre-requisite "Intro to Feng Shui"

This is a very exciting weekend intensive course that helps one to identify and shift the energy in a space, focusing on the integration of some of the main techniques or schools of feng shui that are most impactful. Techniques utilized include Form, Compass, East/West or 8 Mansions or Pa Chai, Black Sect and Flying Stars schools of feng shui along with principles of Chi flow, giving a well rounded understanding of how to apply them for full analyses. You'll learn deeper levels of feng shui dealing with how to integrate time cycles, number and the Bagua, and ceremony. Instruction on how to read the Chinese Lopan compass is included on an actual field trip case study. This course gives you the cutting edge advantage in understanding the synthesis and integration of multiple techniques and the inner workings of feng shui energy.

Note: This class could be taught in 4 - 4 hour segments)

"Four Cornerstones of Sacred Spaces,  
Merging Heaven & Earth in Your Inner & Outer Spaces"

(4 hours)

This workshop explores the connectedness between building healthy and inspiring physical environments and personal and planetary spiritual growth.  The four cornerstones involve feng shui, sacred geometry, energy efficiency sustainable/regenerative building techniques, and non-toxic building materials and methods of construction.    We'll also explore our individual spiritual growth related to the flowering of humanity on our beautiful planet, and how this is so entwined with our built environment.

Instructor: Gary Hendrickson

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