Feng Shui Design International is a firm specializing in projects integrating feng shui, sacred geometry, energy efficient design, and specification of nontoxic materials with the intent of creating the most harmonious environments possible for the home and workplace. We also provide in-depth consultations on existing buildings or complexes, and education around the country.

About Gary Hendrickson

What People Say...

“...I just knew Gary would be perfect in designing my new office space to assure that it would attract prosperity, health, wealth, harmony and happiness, and I am not one who likes to take more chances than needed...His approach is organized, methodical and analyzed well before he advises any changes...” Michael D. Mckee, Financial Advisor, Carmel, CA

“Gary..I got so much out of your visit...I did my client’s office arranging on Tuesday, and on Friday of that week they got a $9 million contract...you should feel very pleased with these quick results!...Thank you so much!...” Diane Bitter, Hume, VA

“...Your sense of aesthetics and design relative to our office spaces resulted in a most affirmative redirection of our energies...our company’s business volume and work force have expanded threefold since your initial feng shui direction....An all-pervasive, almost palpable sense of well being and harmony is felt in our office, and as well, in the homes of our clients for whom you have placed and nourished feng shui principles....Thank you, Gary for what you’ve contributed to our comfort and prosperity.” Peter Handler, Gen. Mgr., Wolf Corp., Custom Builder, Santa Fe, NM

“Just a brief note to express my thanks to you for your assistance with our recent project in Santa Fe. Your special expertise assured the best possible feng shui for the project, and your suggestions were smoothly integrated into the design, thanks to your considerable architectural proficiency. Working with you was an enjoyable and illuminating experience. I look forward to our next collaboration.” Greg Allegretti, Architect, Santa Fe, NM

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